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MailSniper is a superior email marketing automation software that enables one to send the unlimited emails to unlimited subscriber direct to their email inbox. MailSniper includes proven highly converting email templates & simplest inline editor too.

 Buy MailSniper and Get Discount

The simple fact is: 73 percent of millennia prefer communications to come through email. 99% of customer check their email everyday. 80 percent of business professionals think that customer retention Increases.

So No matter company or niche you're in. If you wish to construct your Brand, Get more traffic and close more sales, Build a loyal customer base. Email marketing is still going strong now, and is perhaps the best possible strategy for your company.

That is no news, but why the majority of the entrepreneurs never get the success they worked for and deserved. It is every marketer's headache: You spend some time crafting the perfect message for your readers with a smart subject and imaginative body. Or so you anticipate. Rather, your open rate tanks. You waste time and do not get the ROI you expected.

MailSniper Review

What's happening? Your Email's are landing in junk, open rates are at all time low and your autoresponder is not helpful in any respect. The list you Import is continually being rejected or they inspect 20 percent of your Imports And Still pay hundreds of dollars for non-effective non-performing email autoresponders.

I am talking about being reliant on autoresponders like Aweber, GetResponse or Mailchimp, that maintain and email their lists because if there is an ever a rest in their support, your company is as good as dead. Your earnings => drops to $0. However, this cloud software solves your problem! Traditionally, your autoresponder: plain out refuses to allow you to import your listing, loses your prospects because of archaic procedures like double opt-ins,can shut you down anytime they wish to… And of course they are charging HUGE monthly fees that amount to $348/year in a MINIMUM (for only 500 subscribers!) . Introducing MailSniper only went live -- and it changes everything.

MailSniper starts getting more unlocks, clicks, sales and conversions in the lead you have, all it takes is just 3 easy steps:

• Step 1: Upload Your Leads or create from webforms
• Step 2: Select any from top converting email templates in a variety of niches.
• Step 3: Send or Program Mail for your Unlimited Subscribers

Forget lower inboxing and open pace. Forget the fear of import record being inspected and rejected. MailSniper has been created on lathe latestechnologies such as Node.js, RabbitMQ, NGINX and these allow for their site to be fast and efficient. MailSniper increase sales and commissions to get your company up and running right away. You owe it to yourself to check MailSniper out today.

MailSniper Features

• Unlimited Leads, Unlimited Efforts, Unlimited Emails
• Single optin/double optin fefeaturesr>• 100% protected sysystemsnd backup of data
• High Inboxing by Reverse Engineering Latest Email Addresses
• Personalize your emails for high involvement

• Segment your list based on who clicked, opened, non opens, clicked or opened over double

• With Commercial Permit to start your own email marketing Agency

• Secure & Normal Backup: 100% Secure System & Backup of Data

• Regular System Upgrades: Regular Updates Future Compliance with No Fee
• Powered By Newest Technologies Such As Node.Js, Rabbitmq, NGINX: Creating System Fast and Efficient
• Endless List Import/Export: Do Not Lose Even A Single Lead
• Deep Analytic Of Each Campaign's Growing Accurate Reporting
• Wise Suppression Feature to Segment Your Clients and Send Exclusive Mail

• Drag& Drop Template Editor: Produce High Converting Emails

What MailSniper Can do for you

• MailSniper is the only email marketing service which enables you to: Have unlimited readers, send unlimited emails.
• there are lots of items MailSniper can dodo thatther autoresponders that cost $79/month or monthly cannot do.
• MailSniper can show you statistics of how many people opened your email, how many clicked on your own links, exactly what time they clicked on the link, how many times they clicked.
• You can send an email for an specific time. You are able to move people from one listing to another without having them manually. All they need to do is click on a link. (This one is large )
• You receive 100+ Mobile Responsive Mail & really nice, neat 100+ templates, Drag/Drop Mail Editor, GDPR- Create emails w/ no compliance hassles; HECK, you can even import millions of readers, no restrictions! 100,000 and more!
• You can also connect your OWN SMTP settings, (MailGun, SendGrid, et al, , trackvery effort you send) and they are also able to help you too.
• Commercial License included to bill your clients one time or recurring payments.

• What's MailSniper? MailSniper is a clcloud-basedmail advertising solution which enables marketers and businesses to send mails to their readers through an SMTP services. During MailSniper, users will have the ability to import list, send broadcasts, create follow up show, section their listing, create web forms, email templates and extensive email reports.
• Are there limitations on the subscribers and lists I can upload? NONE. You may upload any subscribers and lists on MailSniper.
• How many emails can I send monthly? No limits, ever.
• How many readers can I import? You may import UNLIMITED subscribers with no restrictions.
• Do you charge any monthly fees? There are NO fees with MailSniper. One-time pricing provides you with lifetime access to the program.
• How to add my readers from different autoresponders to MailSniper? You can add subscribers from other providers simply by exporting your listing and then add that list to your own applications.
• Can I get any training or service? YES. They've made detailed step-by-step training videos that will guide from setting up your accounts to send broadcasts to your readers. They also have a dedicated service desk to give you urgent issues and issues.
• Do I want to download & install MailSniper somewhere? MailSniper is a fully cloud based program. As a result, that you don't need to download or host anything anywhere. You can access it anytime from any device that has an internet connection.

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