What Email Marketers Need to Know About LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms

There are hundreds of tactics out there that will help you grow your list. These tactics typically promote adding many subscribers, but very few of them concentrate how to add the right subscribers. If you want to attract subscribers that will convert to paying customers & raving advocates, you should be where your target audience is.

For many, that audiences might be on LinkedIn – the world’s largest professional network.

Learn how you can use LinkedIn’s advertising platform with Zapier & AWeber to grow your list & create a remarkable opt-in experience for new subscribers.

Easier lead generation for everyone

Using LinkedIn’s advertising platform, you could dial in the targeting to help your incentive/offer reach the right people at the right time and grow your email list. And with LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms, your prospects’ information is pre-filled using the profile data. This means you will get more accurate information and less abandoned forms.

Using Zapier, you can automatically send new lead information from LinkedIn Lead Gen Ads to your AWeber account.

In short, over 500.000.000 registered LinkedIn users can be one click away from joining your AWeber email list!

To learn more about how to get started with LinkedIn ads, I suggested checking out Zapier’s step-by-step guide.

Same flow, less friction

Not sure how this might fit into your current plan? Here are a few content starter ideas to help you get started. In many cases, you could use LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms similarly to how you currently run LinkedIn ads/ads on other platforms. By pre-filling lead form information, you will simply be decreasing the user’s friction to sign up.

Not sure where to start? Here’re four ideas for how you can practically use LinkedIn ads to develop your list:

1. Invite LinkedIn users to join an educational webinar or demo

One of the best ways to promote the value of your product/service is to invite users to learn or experience that product/service firsthand.

A simple ad promoting a webinar/demo at a designated time/place can attract attendees. You may be doing this now by directing ad traffic to a landing page/your webinar signup page.

With LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms, however, you could collect the registration right in LinkedIn. Using Zapier, you could send that information, along with relevant tags, to AWeber. Using multi-step zaps, you can even send the information to AWeber & a compatible webinar hosting platform as well, like GoTo Webinar.

2. Offer a guide, checklist/eBook to LinkedIn users

Creating an attractive incentive or lead magnet (such as a PDF guide/checklist) is a great way to develop your list. Use a LinkedIn ad to offer it to your audiences with a one-click path to receive it. Looking for inspiration? Check out this guide on creating the perfect incentive.

Using Zapier, you could send your new leads to AWeber with a corresponding tag. Use this tag to trigger an automated email plan from AWeber that delivers the incentive. Add an additional autoresponder email to nurture the relationship with your new subscriber, support additional value and offer additional products & services.

3. Create & deliver an automated email course

At AWeber, we have found great success educating prospects with email courses. We use a sequence of automated the emails configured to be sent over a set period of time to deliver content.

You could create a simple email course with AWeber in minutes using Campaigns, market the course on LinkedIn using LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms. When a prospect opts-in to your course, you could automatically send their information to AWeber using Zapier & immediately deliver the first email lesson.

4. Encourage LinkedIn users to set up a consultation

Are you a coach/consultant? Invite a prospective customer to sign up for a free consultation.

You could do this by implementing a simple LinkedIn Lead Gen Form ad inviting customers to book some time. When a subscriber is added to your list via Zapier, a link to schedule the actual 10 – 15-minute call with a free tool called Calendly.

Using Calendly, you could automate your scheduling, minimize the time spent emailing back & forth with prospects & ensure that your consultation is limited to a short amount of time.


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