Send Beautiful, Curated Email Newsletters with the Curate App

Creating Consistent, high quality content is the perfect way to maintain your email readers contented and engaged. However, not everybody is bursting at the seams with fresh content thoughts, much less gets the opportunity to make neatly packed emails to discuss these thoughts.

Now There is a quicker, simpler way to stay in touch and share information with your readers: AWeber's new mobile program, Curate.

What's Curate?

Curate Is your email newsletter program that allows anybody send amazing, curated newsletters.

How Does this function? Simply save any material that you wish to talk about -- videos, articles, links and much more -- into the program. Curate will automatically format your articles into a newsletter which you are able to edit and customize for your readers.

Why should I send curated email newsletters?

Content Curation is not some fleeting business trend. Based on 74 percentage of entrepreneurs, curation is a significant part their content plan, also 85 percentage state they utilize curated articles to set themselves as thought leaders.

Plus it works! For each dollar spent in articles curation (versus content production), small to medium-sized businesses see 5.2 times more volume and 2.2 times more traffic. This means you get a good deal more from articles curation than you enter it.

So not Only does material curation save money and time, it provides you with a go-to source for your viewers. And if you do not have an audience, then curating content is also a Fantastic way to attract and build a subscriber list

That is Just how curated email newsletters allow you to build lasting relationships with your readers.

To Find out more about getting started with curated articles, read this article about articles curation best practices.

Who can Utilize Curate?

Curate Is for everybody. Really! It is an Enjoyable and effortless way to keep in contact with your readers which also happens to induce huge outcomes.

You will Adore Curate if you are:


  • Seeking to drive more visitors: Yup, material curation will allow you to more visitors and much more prospects. Ensure people can locate you by connecting back to your own site in each curated newsletter you ship.
  • Eager to cultivate your viewers: Advertisers who curate content state it assists them boost their gifts to brand awareness goals and drives more viewer involvement.
  • Trying hard to make content (or simply don't have time): Making new content on a constant basis is not simple. Curated email newsletters are a terrific solution for anybody who would like to maintain their readers engaged, even if you're not certain what to write.
  • Utilizing AWeber's blog broadcast: In case you are knowledgeable about AWeber's website broadcast, Curate provides you with a brand new way to talk about your articles when you are away from your own desktop computer. Simply save your blog articles to the Curate program, edit them if desired and then hit send.


What do I want to begin using Curate?


  1. Download The program. In case you don't have a subscriber list using AWeber, click here to start your 30-day free trial so you can create one. Everyone can store content to Curate, but you will need an AWeber account to ship your curated newsletter.


  1. If this Is the first time with email advertising, congrats! Want a cell join form? We've got an program for this also.


  1. Set up Here are some ideas for what to write.


  1. Pat On the back, since you are going to ship your initial curated newsletter!


How do I produce an awesome-looking curated book?

You are in fortune: Curate does the majority of the job for you. However, there are a number of tricks you can utilize to make on-brand newsletters to your readers.

First, you ought to be aware you could talk about YouTube videos in the YouTube program into Curate too. Considering individuals spend 100 per cent additional time on webpages which contain movie, you may want to add you for your next publication.


Android tricks

Have an Android apparatus? I've got a couple of fun tips for you.

On Android apparatus, it is possible to share text content to Curate from nearly everywhere. To discuss, long press on the text to correct the grips and select text that you would like to discuss into Curate. Then select Curate in the floating menu. You can do it from any program or browser on an Android apparatus.

You can Save a whole photo album from the own Android apparatus into Curate. When you upgrade your record, your updates will be revealed on your Curated email address. Therefore, in the event that you would like to share photo upgrades in a live event, you are able to let your readers to keep checking that connection on your curated email to view new photographs as you include them.

Finally, On Android you may add a part of text into your newsletter. Simply save your rich text for a notice in Google Maintain, then discuss it in to Curate. It is possible to add hyperlinks (such as your Twitter manage or site) by manually copying and pasting them into your own text once you have shared it in to Curate.

You can Use this to make a final part of your newsletter where you could include your contact info and request feedback.

Can there be A desktop edition of Curate?

Perhaps not Yet, but it's likely to curate content in the desktop computer. To do so, use a service which allows you edit text documents across your mobile device and desktop computer -- for instance, Notes on OS X could be synced to a iOS apparatus with iCloud, and you may handle your Google Store notes from your own desktop computer before sharing them for your own Android. Add your articles connection to the shared notice, open the connection in a browser and then discuss into Curate.

I want A few tips for my own curated email newsletter!

And of course Worry, there are a whole lot of various approaches by which you are able to gather and organize your curated content. Listed below are some suggestions to get you started.

Content which relates to a frequent topic: Pick a new subject every week (or however often you anticipate sending) and also curate content which relates to a subject.

Group of invaluable tools: Point your readers to your go-to sites and programs so that they may gain from them also. Or just curate your latest blog posts.


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